East Bay Study Club

Dr. Gronbach is the director of the East Bay Study Club, established in 1996. The East Bay Study Club is a component of the international Spear Study Club Network. The East Bay Study Club members consist of local restorative dentists and dental specialists, who are dedicated to the advancement of team treatment planning and total case management as the ultimate tool for achieving ideal comprehensive care. They have also committed themselves to excellence in their profession, and in the management of their practices.

These exceptional dentists meet at least nine times each year to actively participate in topical discussions, case presentations, and lectures given by only the most esteemed professionals in the national dental community. The emphasis is about the collaboration between generalists and specialists, working together to offer their patients the highest quality and state of the art treatment available. The Club not only provides an opportunity for collaborative treatment planning and care, it also creates a congenial environment for members to learn. From this, everyone benefits: the generalists, the specialists, the patients, and the dental community as a whole. It is an honor for Dr. Gronbach to be directing the Club, and partnering closely with this very special group of people.

Members of East Bay Study Club