We would like to thank UC Berkeley’s Pre-Health DeCal for inviting Dr. Gronbach to join their dental panel. This last Tuesday, Dr. Gronbach spoke to a group of college students interested in pursing careers in healthcare. The Pre-Health DeCal is a course that exposes students to the various healthcare fields. The panel hosted a range of dental professionals and collegues including;

Dr. Edward Jang, General Dentist

Dr. Eric Axelrode, Orthodontist

Dr. Margarita Lachica, Orthodontist

Dr. Ali Rezai, Endodontist

Dr. Keith Gronbach, Oral Surgeon

The doctors shared their valuable experience and expertise with eager pre-health students. The panel allowed students to learn more about the dental field, as well as the interconnected nature between dental specialties. One student even described the panel as the “Fab Five of Dentistry,” saying she didn’t realize all of the diverse roles in the field and how they come together. The panel showed how dentistry is truly a team sport; your oral surgeon is working with your dentist who may also be working with an endodontist! It was a fun-filled, informative night for both the students and professionals.